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Add a creative twist to your kitchen with kitchen wall stickers

Wall Transfers

Never forget the ingredients to your favourite dish again with handy kitchen wall transfers. Many specialist wall sticker websites supply a wide range of quirky, stylish wall transfers that are ideal for the kitchen. Add a touch of personality and create your very own transfer. If you move house or want to change your design, top quality stickers peel neatly off the wall without leaving any marks.

Want to make your kitchen the place to be during all house parties? Create a fun and exciting design that features the ingredients to your favourite cocktail or dish. Funny quotes such as 'save water, drink beer', 'wine a bit, you'll feel better'and 'wake up and smell the coffee', will create a talking piece and brighten up your day whenever you enter the kitchen.
Kitchen wall transfers can also be placed on island units, breakfast bars and mirrors with ease. Set the mood with black and white coffee cup and wine glass images, or brighten up your kitchen with colourful cocktail prints.

Kitchen wall stickers also make great gifts. Treat your mum and let her know that her fine cooking is really appreciated with a 'Mum's bistro' or 'queen of the kitchen' sticker. Quote stickers are available in a wide range of different fonts and text sizes to suit the style and size of your kitchen.

Grandmas will love the 'time for tea' quote and image wall stickers, which feature cute pictures of colourful teapots. Aspiring chefs or fans of Gordon Ramsey will find the 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen' quote and chef's hat image very apt.
Fitting Your Kitchen Wall Sticker

Fitting your kitchen wall sticker is a simple and quick process, whatever the size of your transfer. Included in all orders is a handy set of instructions to guide you through the exciting experience. Fit your wall sticker with ease in just five steps:

1. Place your sticker in the desired area and hold it in place with some masking tape.
2. Slightly raise the sticker and remove half the backing paper, so the tape acts like a hinge.
3. This is when the fun begins! - Apply the supplied squeegee to the image at a 45 degree angle, whilst slowly removing the backing paper.
4. Once the transfer is stuck to the wall, apply the squeegee again for extra adhesion.
5. Slowly peel the top layer away and begin enjoying your new sticker.

Other Wall Stickers

Of course, wall stickers aren't just limited to quotes. Add excitement, colour and creativity to any room with an exciting animal wall sticker. Dog lovers will adore the giant paws wall transfer which is available in a wide range of colours to suit the style of your room. Alternatively, why not add a touch of Africa to your office or living space with a large elephant, lion, tiger or giraffe image?


Disney Girls Princess Wall Decal Decorating

What's missing from your little girls room? Are the walls plain? That's it! Learn how decorating with girls wall decals can be a fun, easy, and cost-effective way to brighten up any children's bedroom or playroom.
Every girl needs her room to be a place that she can go and escape to. By creating a safe haven for your little girl, you will be giving her the gift of freedom. But first, you must create a bedroom into a place that she will love spending time in.

This is easily done by decorating with stunning peel-and-stick wall stickers, decals and wall murals. Amongst the most popular stickers and decorations in general are Disney princess stickers. Check around - there's a full range of Disney princesses out there, with more growing every year (i.e. Rapunzel, Merida, Tiana, etc...) as well as classics such as Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora.

Always allow your girl to choose her favorite. If she's watched any of the Disney princess movies she already knows who she likes. These princess stickers will add a personalized touch to any girls' room and make her feel like she is living in a fairy tale. There are even wall decals you can order that come printed with your child's own name!

Giant-sized XL wall murals can really make a dramatic impact when it comes to decorating. Imagine your little girl walking into her room and seeing an entire wall dedicated to Disney princesses! Castles, horse-drawn carriages, plus scenes from all major Disney princess movies are available in six-by-ten foot or even nine-by-twelve foot extra large wall murals! These laser-sharp pieces of colorful wall art are not peel-and-stick like their smaller counterparts, but they're an amazing way of creating an instant impact when it comes to a little girl's Disney themed bedroom.

Another way to personalize your Disney themed bedroom is too add chalkboard wall stickers. These chalkboard stickers are increasing in popularity as parents and children are realizing their potential. Let's face it; kids like to draw on walls. With these chalkboard stickers your child will be able to draw on the stickers and simply wipe it away when they are done. The great thing about chalkboard stickers is that they come in a range of different styles. There are even Disney Fairies chalkboard wall stickers, so your little girl can keep it in tune with her Disney World bedroom.

Not too crazy about the powdery mess left behind by chalk? Dry erase decals are exactly like chalkboard stickers, except they use dry-erase markers instead of chalk. These white, clean-looking wall decals can be smoothed onto any smooth surface. These can also be found in a variety of girls Disney styles, and most of them come with a free dry erase marker included.

The great thing about peel-and-stick wall decals is that they can be added to any room. They're wall-safe, go on (and come off) without any glue or mess, and be easily removed; leaving no trace that they were there. These stickers won't leave your room with any sticky residue or rip any paint from the walls, making them perfect for apartments and dorm rooms too.


Halloween Wall Decals - Instant No-Fuss Decorating!

It's Halloween! For many people, this is a really fun time of year. You get to decorate your home with all kinds of great and scary stuff, but without the pressure of having to do your Christmas shopping (yet!)

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, you have so many ways to do it. Some people throw up a few cardboard witches or pumpkins, while others go all out - decorating their lawn with graveyards, fog machines, and draping tons of eerie spiderwebs all along the length of their home. But whether you're a small-time decorator or looking for a large-scale transformation, most everyone does some kind of decorating when October 31st rolls around.

But the worst part of Halloween decorating? Taking everything down when the holiday is over! Which is why decorating with removable Halloween Wall Decals can be an easy and cost-effective way of bring your walls to life during this very fun - and very thrilling - holiday.

Today's modern wall stickers have evolved into what's known as "peel and stick" technology. This means they use no glue, and leave no sticky residue behind on your walls. You simply peel them from their protective backing paper, and smooth them right onto walls, doors, or any smooth surface. They can be peeled right off, repositioned, moved to another room, and even saved - so you can use them again next year - by placing them back on the original protective backing.

And if you have children? These removable decals are even more fun. One of the coolest Halloween wall stickers is the build-your-own skeleton kit... which is even glow in the dark! Your little boy or girl can help you build this amazing skeleton, piece by piece, and add all the extra decals that come with it. Making mistakes is not an option, as you can easily peel and reposition any decal that might've been put in the wrong place. This gives your little ones the freedom to do their own thing!

Besides the traditional Halloween skeleton, you can decorate with many other types of spooky wall sticker decor. Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, witches, cauldrons... even bats and vampires are all available to liven up your walls. These decals come in sharp, vibrant, laser-printed Halloween colors that go great with any fall decor, and best of all, they can be reused year after year.

When choosing to decorate for Halloween, you also have two choices: kid-friendly or ultra scary. Removable vinyl wall decals come in both types of genres. For the kids, there are cartoonish Halloween decals that are more fun and friendly. For adults, there are scary stickers that evoke a more sinister look. Check out the "through-the-wall" decals, including a skeleton, vampire, and evil clown, all guaranteed to spook up your house quickly! Or go with the instant peel-and-stick bloody hand print wall stickers. These can go on walls, doors, headboards, your refrigerator, windows, tables - anywhere the surface is smooth.

And remember - these decals are an instant decoration. You don't have to worry about hanging them, or using push-pins that will make unsightly holes in your wall. They don't require tape, which when removed, can often leave a sticky mess behind, or even worse, take the paint off your walls as you peel it away. No, these stickers are safe for anywhere - home, apartments, dorm rooms... there's no limit to the amount of ways you can decorate with instantly removable wall decals.


Decorating With Holiday Wall Decals

Decorating for the holidays... it's a fun and happy time, filled with memories of getting together with family and friends. If you've got happy recollection of putting up your Christmas or Hanukkah decorations each year, chances are you know how important it can be to get together on such occasions.

But the worst part? Having to pack everything up and take all those holiday decorations back down again once the holidays have ended. It can be a time-consuming process, and safely storing all those decorations can be difficult as the years go on.

This is why removable holiday wall stickers can be an excellent way to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and just about any occasion throughout the year. Most of today's wall decals come with a new 'peel and stick' technology. This means you simply peel off the protective backing and smooth the decals right onto your walls. They don't use glue, paste, or water, and they don't leave any sticky mess or residue behind. This makes them safe for the walls and doors of your home, and even apartments.

And the best thing of all? If you save the protective backing that the decals came on, your can replace them on the non-stick surface and re-use them again year after year. This saves you both time and money. Imagine putting up seasonal Christmas decorations in the form of beautiful Christmas trees, holly branches, ornaments, glittery snowflakes and Santa Claus decals - throughout your home - and simply peeling them off and saving them for next year once the holiday is over, rather than throwing them away!

Holiday wall stickers are also a great way to bring the family together. Why? Because since each decal is removable and repositionable, no mistakes can be made when putting them up. This means that any child of virtually any age can help decorate by putting these decals up with mom and dad. There's no glue, no water needed, and therefore no mess. Some holiday decals even come with a "build your own" theme, meaning that they come in several easy-to-install pieces, and you can customize the way you put them up, changing them from room to room, and experimenting with them from year to year.

A great example? The build your own skeleton for Halloween! There are both scary and non-scare (kiddie-friendly) versions of this type of decoration. Children love being able to do things themselves, and this gives them the creativity to do anything they want - bringing their own creativity to the project. Repositionable decals can be peeled off and put back on your walls an unlimited number of times, so there's no way mistakes can be made.

There's also a build-your-own snowman, complete with hat, scarf, boots, coal, and a carrot for a nose, for when winter's in full swing. Other Halloween wall decals come in the form of bats and witches, skulls and spiders. For Easter there are adorable Easter bunny and colorful egg stickers. For Christmas you can decorate with Santa Claus wall stickers, wreaths, snowflakes, Nativity scenes, and fully-decoratable Christmas trees and ginger bread houses that, again, can be custom-created year after year by your little ones.


Ballerina Wall Decals - Designer Stickers for the Walls

If you are an ardent fan of rich and well known culture of Italy, then ballerina wall decals will definitely please you. These stickers are available in all sizes and styles, which will give an Italian look to your living room or bedroom. These wall appliqus are made up of reusable paper material, allowing you to reposition and use them as many times as you want. Customization of these stickers allows you to add your creativity to these designer themes.

With these wall decals, you can make your rooms look livelier. Online dealers offer you the widest range of designer themes with an option to personalize them. The walls of your rooms will for sure look good with dancers all around, swinging and posing themselves attractively. An intelligently chosen color can add more charm to the beauty of these stickers.

Simple colors like black, white, cream, green, violet and yellow, can enhance the beauty of these stickers. The price of these decals is way too less than the happiness and delightfulness it gives you. Every theme is uniquely designed, which gives an extraordinary look to the decals. There are different and contemporary styles of ballet that can be elegantly beautified on all corners of the room.

Kindergartens or pre schools can paste huge ballerina wall decals on their walls in an exclusive manner. Of course children would be impressed and would love to admire the stickers the whole day. Girls would be fascinated with the dancers' beautifully designed umbrella dresses and the pair of attractive shoes. You can paste a group of trained ballet dancers posing different steps, which is quite similar to neoclassical group performers.

Your daughter will surely enjoy the company of ballet dancers. She will not only be interested learning the dance, but visualizing herself in one of those beautiful dresses and shoes.

You can make these stickers look more attractive by choosing a color and dance pose that will appeal your daughter and her friends. There are stickers available that exhibits, the well known ballet shoes, and nothing can match its beauty when designed in attractive and distinct colors. These flexible dancers decals can be used to decorate the walls along with lots of balloons, heart shaded stickers, ribbons, and many other accessories.

Ballerina wall tattoo can enrich the beauty of your living room, where a 3-4 feet tall ballet dancer sticker can create a magic of Italian culture, without much efforts. A plain white, pink, black, or maroon colored sticker can bring in a full of life atmosphere at home. As they can be reused, you can always peel them from plain surface of the wall and paste them in any other room. These decals are made up of high-end materials, and will not damage the beauty of your wall.


Make Your Child's Bedroom Come Alive with Toy Story Wall Stickers

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your child could have his bedroom decorated with his favorite cartoon story or character? Boys generally prefer action movies or cartoons that have farm activities in them. The most sought out bedroom; decor amongst the kids is the Toy Story wall stickers. Below are some tips on how you can make use of these stickers to the best advantage.

Many of the parents prefer wall decals compared to the posters or photo frames since these decals can be placed on top of furniture, ceilings and even on toy boxes. These stickers also act as a companion to your kids, when they feel scared or lonely. With the advent of the internet, you can browse through a number of website and choose from a whole variety of wall stickers.

No parents; especially moms' do not like messy rooms or walls. Well this problem is easily resolved with these wall stickers. Made from vinyl, these are easier to take off or peel from the walls. You do not have worry about them getting damaged since they are also tough and resilient. In simple words, they add a very imaginative and beautiful feel to the bedroom.

Now the preferences of the kids' keep changing on a daily basis. One moment they are satisfied with these wall stickers placed above their beds, next they may want it placed on top of their toy box. The biggest advantage of these toy story wall decals is that you do not have to remove these stickers with the help of hammers or scissors. All you have to do is just peel them off and place them elsewhere.

Toy Story wall stickers is a great choice for kids who love cowboys, farm activities or farm animals. Wall decals can bring back memories for the kids and they can be a part of their imaginative world. These toy story wall graphics are also a great option for a party or an event. Be it your child's birthday party or any religious or special occasions, these wall stickers can really brighten up their day.

Different kids love different cartoon characters. Some may prefer Woody the cowboy, whereas some would love to have Buzz Lightyear, the popular sci-fi action figure in Toy Story. You can either go in for single characters or have the whole toy story theme set up for the bedroom. If you have smaller kids, you can even go in for wall stickers that glow at night creating a fantastic atmosphere for your kid. They might no want to leave their bedroom at all.

Sometimes, it so happens that due to financial reasons, many kids have to share the same room with their siblings. Since Toy Story is loved by boys, girls may not like this theme for their rooms. An easy solution for this would be to have one side of the walls decorated with these Toy story stickers, while for your girl's side; you can make use of themes that she adores.

Your hard work will really pay off when you see the smile and happiness on your child's face. These Toy Story wall stickers are easily to pack and take along at the time of shifting or tours. A Toy Story themed bedroom will definitely make you kids famous amongst their friends group.


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